Front Office

Whenever Guest Complaints are being made

  • Avoid being defensive, irritated and angry.
  • Listen carefully without commenting because “the guest is always right”
  • Maintain eye contact.
  • Do not make unnecessary excuses
  • Do not argue
  • Wait for the guest to complete the conversation.
  • Get the facts clear.
  • Think before committing
  • Avoid blaming others
  • Do not let down management reputation
  • Do not grumble about your work
  • Collect information before giving solution
  • Apologize immediately even you think the guest is wrong.
  • Show sincerity and try to retain goodwill (say thank you for bringing the matter to our attention)

Note: always report to superior who is responsible to handle any complaints. No employee should avoid his or her responsibility.

General Do’s and Don’ts

  • Always answer or address the guest or any of our superior by standing and never when sitting.
  • No private conversation on telephones.
  • No gossip over the desk.
  • Do not grumble about your work to your guest or fellow workers.
  • Give proper information while leaving your work spot.
  • Do not give excises and explanation to the guest.
  • Admit a mistake. It is quite human to make mistakes but do see that it is not repeated again.
  • Try to trace the cause of the mistake and learn from it.
  • Be prompt in attending to the guest needs.
  • Do not postpone any guest need or service. (SERVICE DELAYED IS SERVICE DENIED)
  • Always walk, never run.
  • Never discuss personal matters within the hearing of the guest.
  • Never discuss personal matter problems while at work.
  • No loud talking in public area.
  • Do not show curiosity about well-known guest.
  • Avoid starring at them or listening to their conversation.
  • Never ask for autograph or any other personal favor from guests
  • Do not loiter around inside the hotel premises while on off duty hours.
  • Do not invite friend or relatives to your workplace. Not even paid entertainment is allowed.
  • Always use staff entrance and never main one.
  • Be punctual for your work.
  • Do not sing, talk loud, and whistle in public area.
  • Also do not touch the books or newspaper on display, which is found in guest areas.
  • Do not use guest elevators. Always leave way for guests and superiors.
  • Never enter any area other than your work area.
  • Taking areas from guest is totally prohibited unless given by the guest. Always stay away from guest’s property and hotel property and if found guilty at any item the consequences would be severe of losing the job. (Pilferage is considered a serous offense)
  • Build a positive body language.

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